Taylor Wimpey – Warren Lane Stanway

Taylor Wimpey – Warren Lane Stanway2018-09-22T12:55:08+00:00

Project Description

£4.8 million housing contract for Taylor Wimpey comprising roads, sewers, housing groundworks to approx. 90 units and 278 works.

Works currently on going. Works commenced June 17 to date all roads have been installed to basecourse, foundations/stage 1 works are installed to 90% of the site, 25nr plots have been completed and 278 works installed.

Works involved included:

  • Construction of new adoptable and private roads.
  • Construction of new sewers including sewer connections within existing highways.
  • S278 works comprising the construction of new roundabout to site entrance.
  • Construction and adaption of existing footpaths.
  • Installation of AWA pumping station and 550m of rising main.
  • Surface water attenuation.
  • Street lighting.
  • Piling.
  • Housing groundworks.
  • Guided auger bore.